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Google Play is unable to retrieve your license

You are seeing "Google Play is unable to retrieve your license at this time. Please ensure that an internet connection is available and try again." when launching the app.

Why Am I Seeing This Message?
The Google Play Store automatically handles the licensing for our applications. In order to allow our app to work offline the Play Store occassionally needs to retrieve an updated licence certificate from the Google Play Store servers (this occurs once every 3 months).

If a data connection is not available when the automatic renewal occurs, you will be prompted by the app to enable an internet connection so that the Play Store can retrieve it. If an internet connection is available, then this process will occur automatically without any interruptions/prompts and continued offline use is permitted again.

Ensure that you have a functional internet connection on your device and try again. If you are certain that you have connectivity, but are still receiving this message, then the Google Play Store framework may have stopped functioning correctly on your device. Please follow the steps below to reset the framework:

Open the Android app drawer (where your apps are).
Choose 'Settings', then 'Apps' (some devices may be 'Applications → Manage Applications' or similar).
Scroll across to 'All' and select 'Google Play Services'.
Press 'Clear data' followed by ok.
Press back and this time select 'Google Play Store'.
Press 'Clear data' followed by ok.
Restart your device, open the Play Store app and select your account (if required).
Try loading the app again.


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