Gem Carat Weight Calculator

The premium grade gemstone weight calculation tool from the authors of the award-winning Crystal Guide Pocket Edition app. Gem Carat Weight Calculator allows fast, accurate weight calculations to be performed by using a few simple measurements. By combining industry standard formulae with our comprehensive array of gemstones and facets/cuts data, we are able to bring you an app that performs accurate calculations efficiently, right in your pocket! In addition to calculating weights, the app also has a thorough A-Z list of browsable gem data (300+ profiles, each with it's own image and geological profile), including the ability to directly compare gem profiles.


✔ Calculates gemstone carat weight, gram weight and tolerance value ranges.

✔ Contains 300+ gemstones and over 60 facet/cut types.

✔ Browsable A-Z list of crystals, gemstones and minerals, each with its own image and complete geological profile.

✔ Geological reference charts.

✔ Directly compare gemstone profiles.

✔ Full history of calculations for fast consults.

✔ Free database / profile updates.

✔ Supports both phones and tablets.

✔ Supports App2SD and Move To SD (android 2.2+).

✔ No ads, no intrusive permissions, just a clean fast gem weight calculator app.

Ideal for jewellers, pawnbrokers, gem stone and mineral collectors, gem dealers, geologists and rock hounds alike.


Available now for Android devices.


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