Gem Carat Weight Calculator Released

Gem Carat Weight Calculator logoWe are proud to introduce our latest product - Gem Carat Weight Calculator, a professional grade calculation tool for jewellers, collectors and pawnbrokers.

By combining industry recognised formulae with our comprehensive array of gemstones and facets/cuts data, we are able to bring you an app that performs accurate calculations fast and efficiently! In addition to calculating weights and tolerance ranges, the app also has a thorough A-Z list of browsable gem data (300+ profiles, each with it's own image and geological profile and 60+ illustrated facet/cut types), including the ability to directly compare gem profiles.  Available now on the Google Play Store.



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Design Philosophy

My design philosophy is to create exciting, innovative and useful applications. My skill is to take a well planned concept into a finely crafted reality.  By working closely with our clients, who are experts in their respective fields, and applying our methodical approach, I am able to deliver bespoke solutions at a level of exceptional standards.