Data Removal Request

Request a deletion of off-device data.


Data Removal Request Form

Please complete the relevant sections below for each portion of service data that you wish us to remove. We will only remove data for sections that you have provided the requested information for below. Once we have identified the relevant data, we will aim to process the removal within 28 days.

Please note that removal of existing data from our online services will not affect data held locally on your device. If you re-use our services after the removal has been processed your data may be re-shared to us, therefore we recommend disabling the relevant in-app services on your device, or uninstalling the app from your device, prior to submitting your data removal request.

This request form is applicable to the following M.Stevens Software products: Crystal Guide® Pocket Edition, Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition™, Tropical Fish Guide Pocket Edition™.

Profile Request Service Data Removal
To identify and remove your profile requests service data we will require the following information:

Email address used to submit profile requests:

Collections Sharing Service Data Removal
Please disable collection sharing in-app before submitting this request, to prevent the re-upload of your data.
To identify and remove this data we will require the following information:

Your share code(s) (separated by commas):

Cloud Backup Service Data Removal
Our in-app cloud backup service is not tied to a name or email address, therefore to identify and remove this data we will require the following information:

Cloud backup username:

Discussion Forum Data Removal
If you wish to remove your discussion forum account, please provide both pieces of registration data below.

Forum username:

Forum registration email:

Your Information (required)

Full Legal Name:

Contact Email Address:

Country Of Origin:

  I confirm I am the legal entity as described above and I agree to send this personal data to the Data Protection Officer to process my Data Removal Request.

Confirmation Of Identity Documentation

Following submission we may request proof of identity to ascertain your right to access and/or request removal of the data and to prevent fraudulent requests. We are able to accept a scan of a redacted bank statement, utility bill or government issued document bearing your name. You should redact any sensitive information from this document before sending, leaving your full name visible. Supported formats are jpeg, png or pdf. Identity documention will be securely erased once verification has been completed.


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