Crystal Guide® Pocket Edition

The premium reference for crystals, gem stones and minerals.
Includes detailed facts, scientific, geological and metaphysical data, in a fully searchable and browsable format.


A look at the features


Browse crystals with ease

Extensive A-Z of crystals, minerals and rocks.

We have an extensive, hand-curated, database of crystals and minerals laid out in a clear A-Z list.  For speed of access, our complete A-Z list is split across three tabs. 

Every crystal in our app has it's own bespoke information profile, which includes an image and an array of data including uses, geological properties, metaphysical properties for crystal healing and general storage and handling recommendations for collectors.

Powerful search features

Locate crystals by names, properties or uses.

Sometimes you need to identify a particular crystal or find crystals that suit a particular use;  Our app has a wide selection of filtering tools that can help you narrow down or discover crystals based on combinations of geological properties, or by physical, mental or other metaphysical uses.

Our database has an extensive list for synonyms, helping you to locate crystals which are sold under a wide variety of common names.


Keep track of your favourite crystals

Great for collectors, practitioners, or for your next shopping list!

If you are building a collection, you can easily mark individual crystal profiles as part of your collection and view them later. You can also add your own personal notes to each and every profile.

Separate to the collection list is a favourites list, allowing you to mark crystals for later viewing or perhaps for later purchase.

A breakdown of the features

Crystal Guide® Pocket Edition is the original and authentic award-winning premium reference for crystals, gemstones, rocks and minerals. Our guide includes detailed facts, scientific, geological and crystal healing information (including spiritual, numerology, elixir and chakra data) for hundreds of individual gemstones, in a fully searchable and browsable format.

Our extensive database was built from years of research and consultations, it's our pride and joy. Find out why it's loved and recommended by collectors worldwide.

✪   Huge A-Z encyclopedia of gemstones, each with its own image and data.
✪   Hundreds of detailed profiles, covering a searchable index of more than 2000 common names!
✪   Search, identify or browse crystals by names or by combinations of geological properties, ailments and areas of spiritual improvement, colours, numbers and chakras.
✪   Mark off your collected gemstones in the app as you build up your personal collection, and attempt to complete each of our unique collectors challenges.
✪   Scientific crystal, gem stone, rock and mineral data.
✪   Extensive metaphysical info, including crystal therapy and elixir advisories.
✪   Comprehensive glossary of gem and mineralogical terms and definitions.
✪   Astral, birthstone, planetary and zodiac information.
✪   Gallery of facets, plus reference charts.
✪   Directly compare profiles side-by-side.
✪   Create and store personal notes on any profile.
✪   Cloud backup & restore for your notes, favourites & settings.
✪   Includes a dark mode theme to aid with field use.
✪   Widget integration mode (requires Crystal Widget v1.97 or higher).
✪   Free lifetime updates - as we expand our database and add more content, it's all yours at no extra cost.
✪   Completely ad free, with no subscriptions or in-app payments to worry about.

✪  Includes the Crystal Guide® Collectors Series - An exclusive selection of unique and challenging crystal sets for you to collect and complete. Each series has been hand-curated and features a special showpiece crystal that is the crowning highlight of each set. Mark off your collected specimens in Crystal Guide as you build up your collection and track your progress towards completing each of our series.

◼️  If metaphysical / crystal healing info is not for you, we provide an option to disable this data (in settings), so that the app becomes a solely scientific, geological resource. Our comprehensive guide to crystals is suitable for people of all ages and experience levels.

◼️  Language is English only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase the apps?

Our apps are available for purchase exclusively on the Google Play Store.  Please click here to visit our store page.

Do you have Apple iOS or Amazon Fire apps?

Our apps are currently exclusive to the Android platform.  We do not have any iOS or FireOS versions at this time.

Do you support phones & tablets?

Yes. We support both phones and tablets running Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above.

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