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Google Play Store could not verify your license

You are seeing "Google Play Store could not verify your license. Please ensure that you are signed in to the Google Play account that was used to make the purchase and try again. If you have not obtained this application from Google Play, please consider supporting the developer by purchasing it below." when launching the app.

Why Am I Seeing This Message?
The Google Play Store automatically handles the licensing for our applications. To verify that the app has been purchased, the Play Store checks it's servers for a purchase matching the users Google (Play Store) account. If no purchase is found for the Google account currently added to the device, this message will appear. If you have purchased the application via the Play Store, please ensure that you have logged in to the correct Google account on your device (ie. the account that was used to make the app purchase).

To do this:
Open the Google Play Store.
Tap the user icon on the search box (top right of the window).
Ensure that your account login matches the account used to make the purchase.
If the account is incorrect, or is not listed, select 'Add another account' and follow the prompts.
If your purchasing account is present and correct, please contact us with your order details for further assistance.

Note: After adding an old account you may need to load the Play Store, swipe the left hand pane out and select your purchasing account.

Our full pre-purchase licence FAQ can be found at:


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